Replica Hublot Watches Bvlgari Roma

It can be said Bulgari Replica Watches jewelry family describes a legendary past, this 130-year history has been deeply remembered distant Roman city. Mr. Sotirio Boulgaris Greece is the only descendant of a family of goldsmiths jeweler, in a small village named Epirus inherited the ancestral inheritance left. In 1880, he decided to move to Italy. In 1884, the Sith Dene Avenue Plaza of Spain in Rome between the Trevi Fountain and opened his first shop belonging. He followed his Greek name for himself took the Italian name, and also selected the ancient Latin alphabet V brand into the note, so the “BVLGARI” was born.


In the 2014 Basel Watch Fair, to celebrate the brand’s 130th anniversary, Bulgari BVLGARI ROMA particular has released a new series of famous timepieces commemorative edition. Unique blend of contemporary Roman aesthetic inspiration, gold bezel BVLGARI Bulgari brand names carved in the form of repeated appearance of the design gives the dial timeless beauty and elegance. Watch House today for everyone to bring this a high degree of recognition of Bulgari BVLGARI ROMA series watch, the official model: 102187 BBP39WGL / ROMA.

The new BVLGARI ROMA watches uphold ancient traditions shape of the design, the diameter of 39 mm round case of 18k rose gold bezel engraved with “BVLGARI ROMA” flag, the timeless classic sense of history and uniqueness of the building style blend. Hour scale on the dial pure handmade, at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock decorated with Arabic numerals, and then to “BVLGARI” lettering embellished lacquer dial, simple yet elegant. Case thickness moderate side, grinding mellow, 18K rose gold, your device chronological. 18K Rose Golden Triangle grooved crown polished fine, Bulgari jewelry to remember to integrate elements of inlaid decorative embellishment black ceramic crown, BVLGARI ROMA seal bezel to strengthen the people’s memories of the glory days of the 130 anniversary of the brand and feel. This cheap replica watch is a limited edition of 130, the side case engraved with collections numbering.

Dark brown alligator leather strap, exquisite workmanship. With an 18k rose gold Ardillon vintage clasp, easy to wear. Table buckle engraved Bvlgari English Logo, nuances highlight the brand’s watchmaking and exquisite detail. Micro-arc lugs smooth sleek design, more slender, after polishing. And fit for the curvature of the wrist, a perfect blend and case. Polished white lacquered dial exudes a soft light, dial design orderly, tepid. 6,12 show only two digits, the remaining choice after graduation when crafted by hand veneered 18K mark. Three-pin design center position, 18k rose gold second hand, minute and hour display, polished fine. Dial overall elegant, reading at a glance. Flip watch, the back sapphire crystal, fine movement at a glance. Equipped with brand homemade BVL 131M manual movement on the chain, equipped with two barrels, a total of 131 members, hand-polished chamfering, 21 stones, vibration frequency of 28,800 vph (4Hz), offering 72-hour power reserve.

Summary: BVLGARI watch design is unique, a unique blend of contemporary Roman aesthetic inspiration, a rose gold bezel Bulgari brand names carved in the form of repeated, this design gives the dial timeless beauty and elegance. Romantic writer Chateaubriand has described the ancient city of Rome, Rome has its own different kind of style. Soak up the sun, mottled color film, all people obsessed. Her beauty like a story of people, sometimes sad, sometimes humorous, sometimes casual, the only change is change itself seems, however, no matter what Rome to look in front of the world, it has failed to cover her face elegant nature. The same applies BVLGARI ROMA, 18k rose gold material and polished white lacquered dial of this replica watch uk has added a noble elegance, suitable for all occasions, the wearer is more mature temperament.


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