Omega Ploprof Released Four New Colors And Styles Of Replica Watches

Beginning in 1970, Omega Replica watch it live and play powerful in conquering the ocean depths under pressure, it has been firmly occupy the strongest position Omega Replica UK waterproof dive tables. In fact, even famous ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau have tried OMEGA Ploprof wrist Table – he used this form of human physiology and mental ability test underwater.


In 2009, OMEGA launched an updated version of Ploprof watch, not only can dive 1,200 meters, it is equipped OMEGA revolutionary coaxial escapement movement.

This year, this unique watch with “Ploprof OMEGA REPLICA WATCHES Co-Axial Chronometer Masters’ posture of a grand return, the entire series of four amazing style much more advanced technology and more aesthetic appeal. All versions of the case begin with titanium (about 40 percent lighter than steel and more resistant to rot

Eclipse) crafted. Also mining titanium mesh bracelet polished metal, and with a reassuring “anti-shark” name. Rubber strap has a color corresponding to the color of the watch. Each version of the bezel are inserted can shine in the dark watch Super LumiNova fluorescent coating.

?– 2015 Ploprof watch the first special section: case bezel, crown and the safety button, and pointer and scale combined with 18K Sedna ? gold. Polished green bezel is inserted OMEGA Ceragold ? alloy digits, reminiscent of the endless deep ocean blue charming face plate painted masterpiece was the whole plan Perfect ending.

?– The second paragraph is to have polished electric blue ceramic bezel and aluminum with orange and blue varnish pointer embraced a white painted face plate, people immediately recognized his extraordinary style.

?– The continuation of the third paragraph in the face plate of titanium metal and aluminum with orange and white varnish pointer through the silicon nitride black bezel this skin table draw a perfect ending.

?– Fourth paragraph is to provide a choice of black watch enthusiasts, it is a darker Ploprof watch, this watch is equipped with a black coat face plate, polished black ceramic bezel, and with the use of a the same orange and white varnish aluminum pointer.

These four new Ploprof watch, not only to retain the original characteristics of the watch strong and bold appearance, but also equipped with the latest SWISS REPLICA WATCHES coaxial escapement 8912 Master chronometer movement. In addition to general certification from the COSC chronometer, and each table its movement must also pass the Swiss National Metrology Authority (METAS) recognize

The eight may stringent testing. With master chronometer certified in magnetic properties Ploprof watch, chronograph performance and precision in terms of both proudly to a whole new industry standards!