Hublot Watches Bigbang Broderie access to the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix award

At October 29, known as the Replica Watch industry Oscar said Geneva Grand Prix d’Horlogerie (GPHG) finally announced the winners of this year, which is the award since 2001, since the beginning of the fifteenth. Jury selection from early September from 194 candidates shortlisted watch out watch 72 to 10 at the end of the final 17 winners announced, the event has attracted attention timepiece Circle. Which affects women in particular, table fans “Best Ladies Watch Award”, was Hublot Bigbang Broderie get off the crown.

For the “watch Oscar” – Geneva International Replica Watch Awards (GPHG), the “Best Ladies Watch Prize” will undoubtedly have a best actress Oscar component, whether it is design, materials, technology and performance must have a bright spot, in order to afford to this role, most importantly, as the best women’s watch, the first thing we must be able to move people. This year’s best ladies watch Hublot Bigbang Watches Broderie watch the flowers, let us through this Bigbang Watches Broderie watch, look at the past five years, watch the Oscar for best female host of different style, take a look at the world of watches How best care of the household have a charm.

Only at first sight with the traditional process of combining embroidery Bigbang Replica Broderie watch, in fact, did not have the essentials, embroidery pattern shape seems no tricks, technology is not enough fine pins, and resolved only after careful suddenly. The original embroidery on the dial and the case was a sexy skull shape, wonder and did not pursue fine embroidery craft show. Hublot Bigbang series has always been full of Hammer of the gas, even if Ms. watch is enough atmosphere outside the Yang, sloppy, traditional embroidery, relatively rough lines, sexy skeleton frame, carbon fiber bezel, diamond inlay case, This combination of traditional and modern elements, and indeed the collision of unexpected results. 2015 the best women’s table, sexy route to go in the end.

Stainless steel case, diameter 41 mm, 198 diamonds inlaid, heavy 1.12 karats. Carbon fiber bezel, combined with silver embroidery, with 6 H-shaped black PVD titanium screws. The same carbon fiber dial and silver embroidery combination, when the mosaic 11 diamonds mark. With a black rubber strap and silver embroidered silk strap. Automatic mechanical movement, power reserve 42 hours. 2014, Blancpain WOMEN OFF-CENTRED HOUR imbalances beautiful 2014 winner of the best women’s table is While Blancpain WOMEN OFF-CENTRED HOUR watch Hublot Bigbang respect it, this watch should be very consistent with the public aesthetic end Zhuangxian Shu, gentle aesthetic. Women’s favorite use of mother of pearl dial material, with gorgeous diamond carved out of proportion and harmonious lines eccentric dial. Diamonds irregular diamond bezel and dial scattered echo. 2014 best care of the household dignified aesthetic, romantic and full.

Rose gold case, diameter 36.8 mm, bezel set with 108 diamonds, weighing 1 carat mother of pearl dial. Automatic mechanical movement, power reserve 72 hours. Waterproof to 30 meters. 2013, Empress table RONDO TRANSLUCENT watch this simple minimalist design force Empress table RONDO TRANSLUCENT watch with craft and color to win, seemingly simple dial, in fact, is Niusuo pattern carving crafted fusion of translucent enamel, The series grab nature different natural colors, brown, red, blue, green …… Niusuo pattern texture unique carving through overlying surface texture translucent enamel burning, can flash mystery of nature and shine. 2013 best care of the household, to craft and color to win.

If you want all the winners of the best in recent years, women’s table and then points a victory, then While Chanel Replica camellia Tourbillon certain to win the first prize. Even in 2012’s award-winning watch, but a watch in the outstanding qualities will not because of the passage of time and less able nothing. The classic octagonal-shaped case, simple; square diamond bezel inlay fine, gorgeous; black onyx dial, noble; one extraordinary Camellia-shaped tourbillon, is a symbol of strength. 2012 the best care of the household, is the best care of the household in the best care of the household, that is not an exaggeration. Boucheron good watch animal element as inspiration, in 2011 only CRAZY Cheap Replica Watch with elephants as inspiration. Wearing colored gemstones elephants exotic, lapis lazuli dial the night sky in the background, decorated stars in the night sky with diamonds, running the elephant with gorgeous diamonds and natural colors. While elephants with auspicious meaning, perhaps one of the reasons people move. 2011’s best women’s table thanks to a magnificent elephant.

The Van Cleef & Arpels Le Pont des Amoureux Retrograde, it can be said not only won the 2010 Award for the best care of the household, but also described as a “Best Feature Film” award. On the dial confusion between mechanical strength to tell a beautiful romantic love story, over time, every 12 midnight on the Pont des Amoureux lovers will meet. In the world of Haute Horlogerie, always because of the presence of ladies watch, and make Haute Horlogerie presents a different kind of charm. These inspired masterpieces, some full of artistic beauty, some filled with romance, no chaos in the tradition of ancient technology, or complex features avant-garde, are the most touched people’s face appeared. So looking at these successive Grand Prix d’Horlogerie best ladies watch them, there is no one to impress How about you?